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Tips for taking your pooch on Holiday

Tips for Taking Your Pooch on Holiday

Taking your dog on holiday for the first time can be a little daunting, especially if it’s abroad to a different climate. Making sure that they are in a suitable, fit state to travel and well behaved should be top on your agenda as you prepare for your trip.


If your pet has a long way to travel then make sure they have a comfortable carry container to reside in with a familiar blanket or soft toy. If you anticipate your pet to become distressed during the journey then you can speak to your local vet about using tranquilizers.

Injections and Blood Tests  

In order to be allowed entry into the EU your pet must adhere to the standards set by the UK Pet Travel Scheme (PETS.) The UK Pet Travel Scheme mandatory requirements enforce that all animals wishing to travel be fitted with a microchip, vaccinated against rabies and issued with a pet passport if travelling in the EU. Organising this can be time consuming so plan your vet appointments well in advance to allow plenty of time.

Check Your Insurance Policy

When taking your pet on holiday it can be a good idea to check your pet travel insurance policy to check your animal is protected whilst away. For example, those who have taken out lifetime dog insurance will have to double check that travelling abroad is included in their terms and condition.

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