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Tips for taking your dog in the car

How many cars do you see with dogs travelling in the front seat of a car? This is not only dangerous but irresponsible as there are just too many situations where an accident could occur putting the dog, the driver and other road users at risk.

A dog should always travel in a vehicle with some form of restraint for the protection of the animal and the driver.

The dog would need to be either:


This needs to be a suitable size for the pet and also needs be secured within the vehicle. This can be wedged between the front and rear seats for a small pet but anything larger would need properly securing to ensure it doesn’t move under harsh braking.


This is a great idea and would keep the animal from bothering the driver however the area where most people go wrong is that the animal still needs to be secured as coming up against a metal guard at speed will not do the animal any good. Bring forth the harness.


This provides the correct security for your pet ensuring it has the movement you allow and in the event of an accident, the pet would be restrained.

Other things to remember when taking your dog in the car are 1) ensure electric windows are turned off in the back 2) allow a break for the animal every 2-3 hours 3) bring some water and a bowl and 4) never leave the animal unattended in the vehicle.

Following our advice would provide a safe environment for yourself and your dog.

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