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Things to Consider When Buying an SLR

Whether you’re a keen amateur photographer ready to buy your first SLR or you’re a professional wanting to update their aging model, the things you’ll have to consider when purchasing a new camera are all the same, even if your budget might be a bit different.


SLRs are getting smaller every year, which is great news for on the go photographers, but might not be as much of a benefit to someone more used to photographing in their studio or with a tripod.

Battery life

A long battery life is essential for most, especially if you can’t rely on regularly recharging your camera. You might want to consider buying a spare battery, but even if you don’t want one right now, it’s worth checking how much a replacement would cost in case you wanted one in the future.


You might already have some accessories that can be used with certain brands or models of SLR – for example, the lenses you have from an old camera might fit your new one. Even if you’ve never had an SLR before, you might have sizable memory cards from point and click cameras or other devices that could work with your new purchase.


Different cameras have a range of features, which may be of great use to you depending on the type of photographs you want to take. For example, ‘Burst Mode’ – a way of taking lots of pictures very quickly just by keeping hold of the shutter release – could be a must have if you’re interested in capturing moments of sporting genius.

Warranty or Camera Insurance

Most SLRs come with one year’s warranty. While your retailer may offer you an extended warranty it may be worth looking into specialist digital camera insurance, as this can cover you for accidental damage and even protect you as a professional photographer if something should go wrong on the job.

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