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Thief attempts to sell stolen instrument to owner

A store owner may have been saved from claiming on his musical instrument insurance after a thief unwittingly offered to sell him his own stolen saxophone.

Steve Osburn told AnnArbor.com how he was stopped by a man in the street two hours after noticing his shop had been broken into.

After attempting to find witnesses in the pub across the road, he was approached and asked if he wanted to buy the $500 (£311) instrument for $75.

Mr Osburn then followed 57-year-old Lorenza Modock to his house before pretending he needed to get some cash and phoning police.

The officers arrested the suspect when he came to the front door of his property with the saxophone.

Police chief Barnett Jones said: “I wouldn’t advise all citizens to take it to the extent that he [Mr Osburn] did, but it had a happy ending.”

Elsewhere, 34-year-old scrap dealer Marcus Egan was charged with handling stolen goods after crushing instruments taken from Pontarddulais Town Band, the Llanelli Star recently reported.

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