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The Titanic Remade in Tennessee

It’s nearly 100 years since the tragic Titanic hit an iceberg and sank into the North Atlantic sea. However, nearly a century on, the legacy of the ill fated vessel lives on – in story, in film and is now in one of the world’s largest museum attractions in Tennessee.

Remarkably, the Tennessee town of Pigeon Forge has chosen to create a 50 per cent scale replica of one of history’s most famous cruise liner.

The vessel stands at 100 feet tall and three decks high, taking over one year to build. The attraction also includes a 30-foot tall replica of the infamous iceberg off the ship’s starboard bow, the 30,000 square foot museum was opened in April of this year to celebrate the 2,208 passengers and crew who died on April 15th 1912.

The Titanic of Pigeon Forge is billed as the world’s largest museum attraction, which cost £16million to build and is said to attract nearly one million visitors this year.

The Titanic Museum Attractions owner, Mary Kellogg-Joslyn said: “This museum is not a thrill ride or Hollywood style museum. It is an interactive experience that brings in all elements of the famous and tragic Titanic story for families to experience.’

She added, “We have 75 employees here who are dressed as part of the period,’ said Mrs Kellogg-Joslyn. So we have stewards and ships officers all who are in character and who are on hand for information about the ships and its sinking.They will even jokingly re-direct you if you try to enter our first class area if you are found to have a third class ticket.”

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