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The sinking ship that sails

Boat InsuranceIt may well be the world’s only sinking ship that sails, it has heads turning in whatever marina it enters and has even had emergency services scrambling to the rescue.

The boat was designed by Julien Berthier and was constructed when a boat was cut in two, with one half re crafted and sealed with fibreglass.

The boat sits in the water and looks like half of a sinking ship – however, it is far from heading to a watery grave and is fully operational.

Speaking in the Daily Main Julien said:

“People never really know what to think when they see it for the first time.

“I wanted to freeze the moment just a few seconds before the boat disappears, creating an endless vision of the dramatic moment.

“It’s completely functional and perfectly safe, you can even steer it from the upside down seat I have installed.”

The boat has also had worried onlookers calling the emergency services, fearing that Julien was in need of rescue.

On a trip to Lake Constance in Germany, one onlooker called the emergency services. Julien had already warned the harbour master and fire service but the operative who took the call was not aware of the boat and a team of 20 people were sent to the rescue.

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