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The Importance of Getting Your Pets Microchipped

The Importance of Getting Your Pets Microchipped

When looking out for your pet, one of the best things you can do for your cat or dog is to get them microchipped. Microchips work by simply inserting a small identification chip under the skin. Claiming to be a painless procedure where the animal feels, if anything a little stinging sensation seconds after. The identification chip then lives under the skin allowing him or her to be traced should they get lost. In order for the chip to be worthwhile it’s vital that should you move house or change contact details, that you inform the microchip company immediately.

Don’t Rely on Collars  

Collars with identification tags used to be the only way of identifying a pet with its owner and contact number. However, their reliability seems questionable as they have a tendency to slip off and get lost. Most pets aren’t always accustomed to permanently wearing a collar and will continually proceed to keep taking it off, leaving them unidentifiable if they are to get lost. The amount of money spent on replacement tags and collars could be used towards a better cause such as a microchip.

Reduce Your Insurance Costs

If you are looking for cheap pet insurance for dogs or cats, then getting your animal micro chipped can help reduce the costs. Taking extra safety measures over your pet will help lower the premiums on your pet medical insurance.

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