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The Horse Has A Unique Place in British History

The Horse’s Unique Place in British History

For centuries, horses were a principle means of transportation – as soon as we realised their resourcefulness as key farming tools, ploughing fields and pulling carts. Ever since, we humans have since used them extensively in both war and in sport.

But Britain’s relationship with the horse cannot be left as merely a comparison to a vehicle. We have taken them to our hearts and into our lives. They have become a reflection of the best in ourselves, coming forward when we are calm, backing away when we show fear.

We care for them, we take out horse insurance to protect them and we are hurt and disappointed when they come to harm. Even the elder statesmen among horses are protected in this modern age, with many owners choosing to take out veteran horse insurance.

Although the role of the horse has changed over time, they still play a key role in our society. Attend any big football match in England and you will see that the police still use them to maintain order. Even in the fiercest riots, hooligans are sometimes reluctant to attack a horse because of the unspoken bond that exists between man and beast.

It is hard to predict how our relationship with horses will change in the decades to come. It is only in the last 30 years that horses have no longer been used as an everyday part of our lives, having been an engine of our development until then.

But although the modern world is increasingly driven by technology, there is a sense that whatever advances made, our relationship with the horse will sustain.

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