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The Environment Agency are clamping down on muck heaps in Yorkshire

The Environment Agency in Yorkshire are monitoring muck heaps and cracking down on illegal burning of horse manure. Steve Richardson from the Environmental Agency has launched the campaign as he has had to call the fire brigade twice in the area of Ryedale in North Yorkshire. Other illegal practices include illegal spreading of manure and illegal storage of manure. Mr Richardson told Horse and Hound, “people have an obligation to make sure the storage and disposal of manure doesn’t cause pollution.” Mr Richardson wants to raise awareness about the proper storage of manure and wants to encourage sensible spreading of manure in order to eliminate pollution factors. Mr Richardson is planning on hand delivering information packs to stables in Ryedale. Mr Richardson said “I’m trying to get rid of any confusion. Once we get to the stage where people know it’s illegal, then there’s no excuse for it. We would rather give the advice than be forced to prosecute.” The proper distribution of manure has led to an increased cost for equestrian stables. Richard Lingwood of Norton Grove Stud, Malton says, ” we’ve had to buy a trailer and it costs £120 a week to have it emptied. We try to keep our prices down but have been forced to raise fees to cover our costs. It’s most annoying to think that when we started we used to be paid for our manure, now it’s a complete farce.”

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Source: www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/397/294623.html, 5th February 2010

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