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The Bride who wore 9 dresses!

Helene Manca wanted the perfect dress for her wedding day, but she simply couldn’t make her mind up. In the run up to her wedding the 25 year old bought 18 gowns with a cost more than £20,000. On the day she wore 9 of the dresses she had bought.

She said “Every time I tried a dress on I had to have it, but as soon as I took it home and compared it to the dresses I had already bought I couldn’t bear to choose. I knew 18 was too many so I though about different stages of the wedding and decided nine was perfect.”

Helene, who earns £60,000 a year paid for eight of the nine frocks herself at a total cost of £12,370. The ninth and most expensive dress was a £5,500 designer creation was bought by her parents.
Of the nine dresses she didn’t wear one went back to the shop, she sold five on eBay and gave three to charity. She admitted she had been spoilt at her wedding, where she had seven bridesmaids and five flower girls. Helene’s parents refused to tell their daughter how much they had splashed out on the wedding but admitted spending £10,000 on champagne alone.

The newly-weds plan to renew their vows next summer and Helene plans to wear 10 dresses then.

The longest time the Bride had a dress on for was 2 hours. She wore a different dress for the ceremony, arrival at the reception, pre dinner cocktails, banquet, speeches, cake cutting, first dance, midnight dancing and a final dress change at 2am for the late night disco.
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