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The 5 Most Romantic Places to Make a Wedding Proposal

The 5 Most Romantic Places to Make a Wedding Proposal

If you’re about to make a proposal you might want to pull off something special that your loved one won’t ever forget. Here at E&L Insurance we’ve come up with five of the most romantic places to propose.

Go Back To the Start

Can you remember where it all began? Heading back to the place you shared your first kiss or had a first date is a great way to show how far you’ve come as a couple and to imagine the great future you will create together.

Las Vegas

You might not think of Las Vegas as romantic, but love can always be a gamble and there’s no doubt that there are incredible sights and times to be had in Sin City’s luxurious hotels.

Dalmatian Islands

With around 1,200 stunning islands off the coast of Croatia it’s possible to find a completely private spot for the perfect proposal. Mljet is particularly good for stunning scenery, so if your partner loves natural beauty head straight here.


Known as the Eternal City, could there be a better place to propose a lifelong commitment? There are many romantic spots in the Italian capital, but the 18th century Trevi Fountain is perhaps the most striking place to get down on one knee.

Your Home

You don’t need to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to find a romantic spot. Your home can be just as romantic if you set the mood right with candles, flowers, and music. It’s also much more of a surprise than a sudden weekend away in Paris!

A successful proposal is just the start, now you have a wedding to plan! With so much to do the last thing you need to worry about is the catering going wrong or wedding clothes getting ruined, so start by getting wedding insurance. Once you’ve got that out of the way you can work towards making your wedding every bit as romantic as your proposal.

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