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Teen faces 3 sharks while kayaking

People looking forĀ kayak insurance may be interested to hear how one teenager had a brush with three sharks while fishing off Awatoto in New Zealand.

James Cruickshank told the Hawke’s Bay Today how he paddled three kilometres out to sea before casting a line.

It was when reeling in his first catch of the day that the 16-year-old saw a mako shark emerge from the water in pursuit of the fish.

The teen attacked the predator with a paddle and it swam off.

“I’ve heard if a shark is coming toward you, hit it on the nose.

“I was pretty freaked out,” he said.

However, Mr Cruickshank stayed in the ocean and once again waited for a fish, again attracting a shark as he lifted his catch out of the sea.

Upon spotting a third creature he decided to head to safety back on dry land.

Elsewhere, a kayak enthusiast may have to claim on their insurance after it was recently reported by the Prescott Daily Courier that a blue Wilderness Pungo 120 was stolen from a property in the area.

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