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Ucas applications ‘should be checked thoroughly’

High school students hoping to have to invest in university insurance next September may want to ensure they are prepared for the impending January 15th deadline. Ross Sanger from Ucas explained how it is important people set targets so they leave themselves enough time to complete their application forms. "If you do it in a rush, that's when you miss … More

Graduate job market ‘is set to improve’

Undergraduates looking to invest in student insurance may be pleased to hear one expert's predictions for the job market. Co-founder of the Graduate Recruitment Bureau Dan Hawes claimed it will become easier to secure employment in the near future, as the economy comes out of the downturn. He commented this will help create opportunities and, if graduates are willing to … More

Private accommodation ‘cheaper than university options’

Students looking for cheap university insurance may be interested in one expert's tips on how to reduce their monthly outgoings. Jonathan Moore, director of EasyRoommate.co.uk, explained new research suggests living in private rented accommodation can be the cheapest option for undergraduates. He described how housing provided by the university can be nine per cent more expensive than that owned by … More

Gap years ‘can help boost confidence’

Going on a gap year before taking out student insurance and heading to university can improve confidence and give people a chance to learn about different cultures. This is the view of Gapadvice.org director Phil Murray, who explained going away before beginning a university course gives people the chance to "experience something different" and develop new skills. "At university you … More

Ucas launches new applicant’s blog

High school students hoping to next year invest in student insurance after getting into their university of choice may be interested in a new blog. Giles Ursell, Ucas online experience officer, explained how the body has launched a new page on Ucas Connect that follows the journey of six individuals. It has been devised to help guide potential undergraduates and … More

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