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Studying abroad ‘will increase following fee increase’
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Overseas university insurance policies may become increasingly popular, as it has been noted that more and more people are considering studying abroad. Tom Dyer, spokesman for The Student World, claimed the rising cost of UK fees is driving youngsters to the continent for higher education. With university fees set to treble for undergraduates from September, it was suggested that interest … More

CVs ‘must be tailored to the role’

Students looking to invest in university insurance ahead of their final term before graduation may be interested in tips on how to secure employment. Zena Everett, leading career coach and CV expert at Second Careers, explained how tailoring application forms to suit the role is the key to landing an interview. It was noted that employers often receive dozens of … More

Charges for early loan repayments voted against

The government has announced proposals to charge graduates if they pay back their loans early have been scrapped. University attendees looking to invest in student insurance ahead of their last term in higher education may be pleased to hear they will not be penalised for clearing their debts. A consultation on the matter was launched last June and an overwhelming … More

University applications ‘remain strong’

The number of student insurance claims submitted in 2012 may increase, as new figures have shown university applications remain strong. Data released by UCAS revealed more than 250,000 18-year-olds have already applied for the September intake, with the rate allowing for changes in the population showing just a one per cent drop. Commenting on the findings, universities and science minister … More

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Graduates ‘need to be flexible to secure a job’

Students looking to renew their university insurance policies may be interested to hear one expert's advice on securing a job after graduation. Managing director of People Risk Solutions Andrew Pullman explained how the current employment market is tough. He described how the economic situation has led to many companies cutting back on their costs and "future investments", which means new … More

Students ‘accept debt as part of university life’

Individuals looking to purchase cheap university insurance may be surprised to hear new figures show an increasing number of students are not concerned by being in debt. Research from money education charity Credit Action revealed 36 per cent of young people see owing money as a "normal" part of attending higher education. It was also found that 46 per cent … More

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Pupils should be encouraged to take STEM subjects

School students hoping to invest in university insurance in September after successfully being accepted onto an undergraduate course may want to consider undertaking a STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) degree. Dr Richard Wilson, chief executive officer of The Independent Games Developers' Association (TIGA), explained how the number of people achieving qualifications in these areas is "pretty low". "At degree … More

Work experience ‘the key to securing graduate jobs’

Individuals looking to invest in student insurance may want to take note of one expert's advice on how to boost graduate job prospects. Mike Barnard, product manager at Milkround, explained how employers are far more interested in people who have carried out relevant work experience during their time at university. He claimed undertaking a placement or internship while studying shows … More

Gap years ‘set to increase in popularity in 2012’

An increasing number of high-school leavers are expected to embark on gap years during 2012, as many missed out on the chance to start university in September last year. Marketing manager at Real Gap Will Jones suggested people will opt to see some of the world before re-applying for the next level in their education. Investing in student insurance may … More

Gap years ‘should aid careers’

Students looking for cheap university insurance so they have more cash to put towards their gap year may want to heed one expert's advice on the type of break they should undertake. Managing director at Greenforce Marcus Watts explained how it is important to embark on a period of travel that will benefit future jobs. "Choose something targeted towards your … More

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