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Contents insurance ‘is always a wise investment’
Posted on by marketing

School leavers preparing to start university in September may want to follow one expert's advice and ensure they have student insurance that covers the contents of their halls of residence. Home insurance manager for Co-operative UK Carl Burton explained how it is important to be prepared in case something unexpected is to happen. For example, people could easily experience a … More

Social media ‘an important tool for graduate job searchers’
Posted on by marketing

Student insurance customers who will graduate this summer and begin hunting for jobs may want to take note of one expert's advice. Laura Smith, candidate marketing executive for Milkround, explained how it is now more important than ever to "integrate" social media into the application process. Individuals were advised to use sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to "brand" … More

University choice ‘can determine career paths’
Posted on by marketing

School pupils thinking about applying to university next year have more than just student insurance to think about. According to managing director of Thomas Education Sally Wells, it is vital teenagers think about their future career when choosing where to attend higher education. "The university and course chosen, as well as the extra curricular activities a student undertakes, are critically … More

Tips on honing a CV to engage a recruiter
Posted on by marketing

As the summer holiday approaches many students will be looking to secure a job so they can pay for next year's fees, university insurance and living expenses. In order to attract recruiters, founder and principal of thecvexperts.com David Moran recommends keeping covering letters "succinct and relevant". According to the expert, this section of an application is usually read before a … More

Students admit to financial fears in new survey

Many students are concerned about not having enough money to meet the costs of living. This is according to new research from the National Union of Students (NUS), which found half of students between the ages of 17 and 20 worry about bills. The figure rose to two-thirds of students among those in the 21 to 24 age group. NUS … More

Parents ‘to demand good quality student homes’

Good quality student accommodation is likely to be in high demand this year, as more and more parents are said to be keen to see their children living in a decent abode. This is according to director of student investment and development at Savills Marcus Roberts, who explained how many adults believe paying for a nicer home for their child … More

Rising living costs to drive student house shares
Posted on by marketing

University insurance may be more important than ever for new students, as one expert has claimed the number of undergraduates living under one roof is likely to increase. Jonathan Moore, director of Easyroommate.co.uk, described how the rise in the cost of living will force many individuals to share a home with multiple people. He predicted that "a growing number [of … More

Gap years ‘good for boosting graduate employability’

Taking a gap year before university can be a good way to gain valuable work experience and boost a CV. This is according to head of careers and employability at the University of Liverpool Paul Redmond, who explained how an increasing number of employers are basing their selections on relevant skills. School leavers may want to postpone paying for student … More

Location ‘key to securing cheap house shares’

Students looking to invest in cheap university insurance may welcome advice on how to secure a low-cost house share. Jonathan Moore, director of EasyRoommate.co.uk, explained there are several ways to avoid spending large sums on living quarters. He recommended researching the location of the potential property in relation to the university, in order to work out additional travel expenses. According … More

Studying abroad ‘will increase following fee increase’
Posted on by marketing

Overseas university insurance policies may become increasingly popular, as it has been noted that more and more people are considering studying abroad. Tom Dyer, spokesman for The Student World, claimed the rising cost of UK fees is driving youngsters to the continent for higher education. With university fees set to treble for undergraduates from September, it was suggested that interest … More

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