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Is this pet really missing ?
Posted on by marketing

Cardiff residents were recently confused when a picture of a missing cat appeared in a window only with the cat sat next to it. The black and white short tailed cat posed next to the picture in its owners home however it is rumored that the cat in the picture may be of its twin brother or sister. Hopefully the … More

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Rise in number of dangerous dogs destroyed
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There has been a rise by as much as 50% in the number of dangerous dogs which have been seized by Police. These so called ‘status dogs’ are an increasing problem. West Midlands Police have confirmed that they seized 412 dogs under the Dangerous Dog Act in 2013 of which 181 were destroyed.  Banned breeds include the pit bull terrier, … More

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Heat seeking cameras used to catch irresponsible dog owners
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Fife council has taken the unusual step of using thermal imaging cameras to stop careless owners letting the animal’s foul public paths. The wardens who are responsible for patrolling the areas also have issues that they are putting themselves in danger when issuing fines and as a result have been issued with stab proof vests by the council. Dog owners, … More

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Mystery vandal who damaged vehicles for 6 months, revealed to be a dog
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When a quiet village was rocked by a spate of vandalism, residents were convinced a knife-wielding thug was at work. It turns out the mystery vandal was a resident’s Border Collie. Tyres had been slashed repeatedly for six months and locals lived in fear of when he would next strike. The mystery assailant had always managed to flee the scene of … More

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Cat lovers urged not to stroke their pets too much as it can cause stress
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Caressing your cat may seem a good way to show affection but it can leave your pet stressed out. Constant stroking is disliked by all felines although some put up with it, a study shows. ‘Cats who tolerate rather than enjoy or dislike being petted seem to be the most stressed,’ said Professor Daniel Mills ofLincolnUniversity. He also found that, … More

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Pet injured following glass dumped in park
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Their chocolate brown labrador Odin was on extendable lead as Michelle and John Garbutt walked in Golden Acre Park. Suddenly their pet was writhing in agony after he ran into a stream and was hurt by a broken bottle. Michelle, 44, said: “We were walking with Odin and Corey, when Odin jumped and ran into a stream, near the band … More

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Are you becoming a pet hoarder?
Posted on by marketing

Pet hoarding is now considered a bonafide mental illness. The disorder is most simply defined as keeping an unusual number of pets without possessing the ability to properly house or care for them, while simultaneously denying this inability.Anyone can become a pet hoarder, but statistically, most are female, half are over age 60 and most live alone. But, do be … More

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Dogs at risk from being poisoned from toxic palm oil washed up on UK beaches
Posted on by marketing

  A white, waxy substance has been discovered on several UK beaches recently. It turns out the waste is potentially deadly to dogs, once consumed the animals writhe around in pain and can end up killing them. So far at least 4 pets have died with dozens more being left poisoned. The substance is solidified palm oil which has been … More

Dogs must be microchipped in England from 2016
Posted on by marketing

From 2016 it will be compulsory that all dog owners must microchip their dogs, this is intended to cut a rise in strays. The microchips will include the owner’s details and a code. Owners that do not comply with this could be looking at fines up to £500. Plans to also prosecute owners that let their dog attack on private … More

Upcoming Pet shows 2013
Posted on by marketing

If you are thinking of heading to some pet shows over the summer months here is a list of the upcoming dates and show events across the country. June 15th & 16th of June- Border Union Agricultural Society For more information please contact: Telephone Number: 01573 223843 21st, 22nd & 23rd of June- Blackpool & District Canine Society, Blackpool For … More

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