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National Pet Show 2014

Here at eandl.co.uk, we love pets and the best place to be will be at the forthcoming National Pet Show at the NEC, Birmingham on the 20th to 21st September 2014. The show is dedicated to animal lovers everywhere and will be showing a variety of animals plus displays, famous faces and lots more. The animals at the show will … More

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New pet laws come into effect in Guernsey

New Guernsey laws bring a smile to pets! New laws have been introduced on the island of Guernsey to reform animal welfare and ensure all pets have five basic freedoms. Whilst we wish it wasn’t necessary, we think this these new rules are good basic rules for basic rights for pets. The new laws that have already come into effect are: … More

Is it possible for a dog to be allergic to being a dog…?
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Well, in the case of Ruby a three year old black Labrador it certainly is. She suffers from a string of allergies from meat to milk and also from dust mites to grass. Her owner, Karen Stanfield has to prepare a special vegetarian meal and also ensure that her home is spotlessly clean to avoid causing any problems for Ruby. … More

Animal cruelty investigated
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Figures have been released this week by the RSPCA which show that the highest number of people convicted for animal cruelty live in the north. Out of the highest offenders, Yorkshire and the North East took four of the top six positions. In 2013 there was a total of 3961 convictions for cruelty to animals with the RSPCA achieving a … More

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A games console for dogs?
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A new games console has been revealed for dogs where the pet wins food for touching the pads on the device in the correct order. The ‘Cleverpet’ which costs $279 has three touch sensitive pads which light up interactively when touched with the nose or paw. As they are touched in the right order they release food and subsequently make … More

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