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Smithsonian Museum acquires Van Halen guitar

The Smithsonian National Museum of American History may want to consider taking out musical insurance after announcing it has acquired a famous instrument. A guitar known as the Frank 2, that was once played and owned by Eddie Van Halen, has been donated to the institution. It is set to feature in the Division of Culture and the Arts, which preserves … More

Woman reunited with stolen bass violin

A woman has been reunited with her bass violin, in a story that may encourage musicians to considerinstrument insurance. Police stopped a 24-year-old man in Nanaimo in Canada after he was seen acting suspiciously. The thief ran in front of a squad car at 03:00 local time carrying a large violin case on his back. When questioned about the belongings, … More

Thief attempts to sell stolen instrument to owner

A store owner may have been saved from claiming on his musical instrument insurance after a thief unwittingly offered to sell him his own stolen saxophone. Steve Osburn told AnnArbor.com how he was stopped by a man in the street two hours after noticing his shop had been broken into. After attempting to find witnesses in the pub across the road, … More

Collapsible and Silent Guitar

So electric guitars may not be the worst instrument to carry around with you but that hasn’t stopped Yamaha creating a version which won’t annoy your neighbours and will collapse into a bag. Yamaha’s Silent Guitar was first released in December 2001 and sells 10,000 to 20,000 units annually. The Guitar’s ‘neighbour friendly’ qualities are perhaps its attraction. The instrument … More

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