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What is Level Term Life Insurance?

Term life insurance or as it is sometimes called Term life assurance is a type of life insurance that provides cover at fixed rate payments for a chosen period of time and designed to pay out in the event of the policy holders death. The beneficiary/beneficiaries is/are paid a fixed cash amount, but only if the policy holder dies during … More

Critical illness cover explained

Critical illness cover is an insurance policy where the insurance company is contracted to make a lump sum of payment if the policy holder is diagnosed with a specified serious illness. The sum is payable if you survive for a period of more than 28-30 days (depending on company) after the diagnosis and can be used for a variety of … More

What is Income Protection Insurance?

The demand for Income Protection insurance (IPI) policies have increased in the past few years due to the uncertain financial times we are facing. But what is Income Protection? IPI policies provide policy holders with a regular income and benefits should they face sickness or an accident and were unable to continue working. Policies offer to cover these benefits until … More

Unlucky for some number 232?!
Home Insurance

The superstitious among you may be reluctant to set up home in number 13. However, if you have been refusing to step foot inside number 13 you may have been avoiding the number. According to research into Home Insurance claims, Houses numbered 232 are the most unlucky – with more claims made by residents at this number than any other. … More