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Border Collie stuns scientists by learning over 1,000 words
Pet Insurance

A border collie from the US has learnt the names to over a 1,000 items, stunning scientists and becoming an internet sensation. Chaser had been trained for three years by scientists in South Carolina who have studied Chasers impressive recognition and published their findings. The ability of dogs to learn the names for objects is not new. Many dog lovers … More

Cat reunited with owner after 5 years
Cat Insurance

A cat which went missing in the chaotic aftermath of hurricane Katrina has been reunited with its owners. Scrub had gone missing shortly after the hurricane hit. The electricity supply had been knocked out and the Noble family from Biloxi Mississippi, left without air conditioning had left a window open to cool the house down. Scrub left the house through … More

Twilight star takes cat everywhere she goes
Posted on by marketing

Twilight’s Bella, Kristen Stewart revealed that she takes her cat Max with her whenever she has to fly anywhere. She explained that she does not like to be separated from Max: ‘I really like him. It’s frustrating when you travel, though, and especially because my cat is insane.’ Kristen feels sorry for her cat as Max cries during flights, but … More