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Veteran army horse retires
Posted on by marketing

A veteran horse who has spent the last six years taking part in ceremonies for the Light Cavalry Honourable Artillery Company has retired, equine insurance customers might be interested to learn. Denzil started his career with the Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery, before moving onto the Royal Army Veterinary Corps, then the Royal Engineers Saddle Club and finally the Light Cavalry … More

Guernsey horse owners warned about disease outbreak
Posted on by marketing

Horse insurance customers on the island of Guernsey have been told to be vigilant for signs of a contagious disease in their animals. Owners of equines were urged to keep their animals close to home until experts establish how severe the situation is. Vets are still awaiting the results of tests that will ascertain if one horse brought from the … More

Wild horses trouble Mid Glamorgan community
Posted on by marketing

Pony insurance customers might be interested to learn that a herd of 250 gypsy cob ponies have been wandering the streets of a community in Mid Glamorgan. A spokesman for South Wales Police said the animals were in “various states of neglect” and locals have reported that the wild horses have been seen throughout Bridgend. Some reports indicate that the … More

Expert offers advice on horse training

Equine insurance customers may be interested to hear some horse training tips offered by one expert in the US recently. Scott Bagly, from Dimmitt in Texas, attended the New Mexico Ag Expo and explained to his audience that there are three important aspects to breaking in an animal, PNT Online reports. As well as the soft side-to-side principle, it is … More

Horse rescued from drain using manure

Equine insurance customers may be interested to learn how one group of cowboys in the US saved a horse from a drainage system using manure. The five men were attending a roping competition in Memphis when they came across a large number of people surrounding the animal, the Los Angeles Times reports. One of the men, Philip Murrah, explained what … More

Bird steals horse hair for nest

Horse lovers looking for equine insurance may be interested to hear about one animal that was targeted by a bird looking for nesting materials. David Offord snapped images of a jackdaw plucking hairs from the mane of a chestnut -coloured pony that was resting in a field. As the four-legged creature lay down on the grass, the black bird stole hairs … More

Horse charity ‘looking for new home’

Horse trailer insurance could prove important for companies that regularly need to move their horses around, more so for charities with fewer resources. Riding for the Disabled Association is searching for new secure sheds and stables for horses within its carriage driving section, This is Wiltshire reported. Although it has been based for ten years at Manor Farm in West … More

Dental care ‘important for horses’

Equine insurance may help animal owners cover the expense of visiting a vet in order to check the condition of horse’s teeth. According to the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at Texas A and M University, horses need to enjoy proper oral hygiene, just like humans. Indeed, February is National Pet Dental Health Month and Dr Cleet Griffin, … More

Horse rescued from canal

The importance of equine insurance may be highlighted to people after a horse in the US fell into a body of water recently. Owner Eden Chinchillas called the police following the incident and explained that something must have upset the horse and made it jump into the canal in Phoenix, Arizona, on Wednesday evening. “I was on the canal. My horse … More

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