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Horses cause havoc with South Shields sports pitches

Horse insurance customers in South Tyneside might find their local stables have been approached by the council and asked not to let equines on to sports pitches. While there are bridal paths in Temple Park and other places in South Shields, there are concerns that too many riders are having a good gallop on open spaces reserved for outdoors games, … More

Shetland pony rescued by fire crew

Owners of equines in Reading might consider taking out pony insurance in light of an incident that saw one animal need rescuing by fire fighters. The Shetland pony could not extricate itself from the River Lodden in Lower Earley and it took a six-man crew to drag it to safety, reports the Reading Chronicle. According to the news provider, the creature … More

Pair of horses cause pandemonium

The owners of two horses in Sandhurst might want to take out equine insurance after the troublesome pair escaped and started wandering about on the road on three occasions. Police were first called out to capture the white horse and black Shetland pony on March 5th, reports Get Bracknell. According to the publication, it took an hour for officers to get … More

Tipton horse owners warned of impending crackdown

Sandwell Council has announced that horses found roaming free in Tipton will be rounded up and impounded, news that might concern equine insurance customers in the area. Councillor Derek Rowley, cabinet member for safer neighbourhoods for the local authority, said a warning had been issued so that owners of the creatures can collect them before they are picked up by officials. … More

Breeding mares ‘should be checked for physical problems

Equine insurance customers should be aware that mares used for breeding need to be checked for any conditions that could be passed down to foals or cause issues for the mother. This is the opinion of vet Jonathan Pycock, who said in an article for Horse & Hound that certain breeds are prone to passing on defects. For example, Icelandic … More

Ponies with less access to pasture ‘eat more’

Pony insurance customers hoping to reduce the amount their ponies eat by limiting their time out to pasture might have to alter their strategy in light of recent research. A study conducted by the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences at Aberystwyth University in collaboration with the Waltham Equine Studies Group found ponies with restricted access to pasture eat … More

Stud farm in danger of closure

Horse insurance customers might sympathise with the plight of a family living on a stud farm in Smalley who could face losing their land. Landlord UK Coal told the Oldershaws to purchase the property or leave in May this year, reports the Derby Telegraph. However, as those with mature horse insurance might understand, Nicki Oldershaw is reluctant to move her 24 … More

Concerns raised over future of Dartmoor ponies

The decline in the number of Dartmoor hill ponies could eventually lead to them becoming extinct, a claim that might concern pony insurance customers. Farmers have suggested that the dwindling numbers of the animals is partly due to the fact that younger generations are not as keen to work with them, reports BBC News. Robert Steemson, of the Dartmoor National Park … More

War Horse star ‘had never ridden before’

Jeremy Irvine, star of Steven Spielberg movie War Horse, had never ridden before he was cast in the picture, equine insurance customers might be surprised to hear. The actor told the Daily Mail that he was not an animal person and had no experience with horses. “During the audition process I tried to brush up on that,” he said. Irvine, who … More

Veteran horse rescued after ice tumble

Equine insurance customers may be heartened to hear about one veteran horse that was rescued by firefighters after falling on ice. The 25-year-old, named Willie, slipped in his paddock and was unable to get up, struggling on his back for about an hour, the Boston Globe reports. Firemen from Andover Fire Department were joined by a vet from the Massachusetts … More

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