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‘Keep pregnant mares away from stallions’
Posted on by marketing

Equine insurance customers who use their mares for breeding should keep pregnant animals away from stallions, recent research indicates. According to a study conducted at the Institute of Animal Science in the Czech Republic and published in the journal Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology, female animals may abort if they are in close proximity with males, reports the BBC. It noted … More

Fire fighters rescue 35-year-old pony
Posted on by marketing

Staffordshire fire fighters were called out recently to rescue a 35-year-old pony that got stuck in a muddy trench, veteran horse insurance customers might be interested to learn. Volvo was discovered buried in mud and despite the owners bringing in a tractor to move him, the equine remained stuck, reports The Sentinel. Helen Lloyd said she feared her pony would not … More

Japanese horses triumph in Dubai race

Race horse insurance customers may be interested to hear that a pair of Japanese horses took the top spots at the Dubai World Cup earlier this week. In first place was Victoire Pisa, ridden by jockey Mirco Demuro, followed by Transcend – another Japanese animal, reports First Post. Speaking after the race, Demuro commented: “I was hoping this horse would … More

Horse insurance customers to be safer wearing air jackets?

Horse insurance customers concerned about getting injured when they fall off their steeds might consider purchasing an inflating air jacket, it has been suggested. Writing for the Daily Mail, Sebastian O’Kelly described them as an “excellent invention”. The devices are similar to those worn by people on motorbikes and inflate in one tenth of a second when a rider falls … More

Isle of Wight Grand National contestant escapes on to train tracks

Race horse insurance customers might be interested to learn that a horse competing in the Isle of Wight Grand National escaped during the main race at the event and ended up on a nearby railway line. The animal used its jumping skills to vault a fence and was eventually found wandering on some train tracks, reports Isle of Wight Radio. … More

Book about world’s smallest horse to be published

Horse insurance customers looking for some light reading might consider purchasing the new book chronicling the life of the world’s smallest horse. Einstein stands at only 20 in tall, only one inch taller than the average height of a newborn of his breed, reports the Daily Mail. To celebrate the first birthday of the perfectly formed equine, his owners have … More

‘Horse boarding’ the latest extreme sports craze?

Adrenaline junkies across the UK might start looking into horse insurance as they get hooked on the latest extreme sports trend. What has become known as ‘horse boarding’ involves tying a rope to an animal’s saddle, jumping on a mountain board and holding on tight while the animal hits up to 35 mph in five strides, reports the Daily Mail. Daniel … More

Miniature stallion stolen

A horse owner from Beaconsfield may have to claim on a pony insurance policy after his Shetland stallion was stolen. Darren Howard’s animal, called Horsepath Sandstorm, was taken from his field by thieves who cut the barbed wire, reports the Buckinghamshire Advertiser. “We just want him back, to be honest – we don’t care what happens to the thieves if they … More

How to deal with Strangles disease

Equine insurance customers who fear their steeds have contracted Strangles have been issued with advice by the charity World Horse Welfare. A spokesman for the organisation stated that the first step to take is to isolate the beast from any other, because this is crucial for preventing it from spreading to other animals. Another way to stop fellow equines getting … More

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