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Horse with prosthetic leg ‘gives hope to owners of lame equines’

Horse insurance customers with a lame animal might have new cause for hope after a pony in Texas was successfully fitted with a prosthetic limb. Midnite was rescued after a family said they could no longer look after him, but he had an injured leg, which vets said could be a deformity he had since birth, reports the Daily Tidings. … More

Grand National ‘needs better risk assessment’

A vet has claimed that better risk assessment is needed in the run-up to the Grand National if the number of claims on horse insurance is to be reduced. In a blog for the Daily Telegraph, Pete Wedderburn suggested that the safety issues at the famous event should be reevaluated. Over the last two years, at least five animals have been … More

Palio horse race ‘will not get World Heritage status’

Italy’s tourism minister has decided against putting the Palio di Siena up for Unesco World Heritage status because of the injuries sustained by horses in the race. Horse insurance customers who follow the annual event may be shocked by the estimates of animal rights groups that in the last 30 years at least 50 equines have met their end while … More

Rescued ponies from Caerphilly ‘are recovering well’

A drove of 21 ponies rescued from a farm in Caerphilly are said to be recovering well, horse insurancecustomers might be relieved to learn. The animals were taken from their owner after an inspection by vets revealed that they were in a poor state of health, reports BBC News. Nicolas de Brauwere, head of welfare and senior vet at Redwings Horse … More

Flintshire horses ‘might be scared by new adventure sport’

A planning application for a site where the adventure sport zorbing will be made available may be refused because it could prove dangerous to horse insurance customers in the area. The British Horse Society suggested that those who use the bridleway near Bryn Coch Farm could find the activity affects their horse while they are out riding, reports BBC News. Zorbing … More

Horse whisperer to work with rare ponies in Snowdonia

A horse whisperer has been called in to work with semi-feral ponies in Snowdonia to help prevent them from becoming endangered, horse insurance customers might be intrigued to learn. Barry Thomas, who learned some of his skills from American trainer Monty Roberts, will try to get the creatures more used to humans, reports BBC News. There are fewer than 300 mares … More

Two race horses die at Grand National

The owners of two equines racing in last weekend’s Grand National may have to claim on their race horse insurance after the beasts were fatally injured on the Aintree course. Both Ornais and Dooney’s Gate died on the course after falls, leading to two fences being omitted on the second circuit. Commenting on the tragedy, course managing director Julian Thick said: … More

National Trust to export 30 Welsh mountain ponies to England

The National Trust has completed a deal that will see three groups of ten Welsh mountain ponies brought to England, equine insurance customers might be interested to learn. Over the next three years, the ponies will be moved to Bickerton near Chester, reports the Daily Post. Dave Morris, warden of the Trust at the ponies’ destination, revealed that cattle had been … More

Horse insurance customers ‘should be on the look out for equine obesity’
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Owners of equines who want to minimise the number of times they have to claim on their horse insuranceshould be on the look out for signs of obesity in their animals. According to Sarah Freeman, associate professor of veterinary surgery at the University of Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, told TheHorse.com that she believes the primary reason why some … More

Plumber to commemorate cousin in Riding of the Bounds
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A plumber in Berwick might be in need of equine insurance after revealing he plans to commemorate his cousin who died of cancer last year by participating in the Riding of the Bounds. The event is held every year in the area and locals traditionally ride around the countryside to see if any Scots have encroached on their land, reports the … More

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