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Horse insurance claims to go up in Angus and Tayside?
Posted on by marketing

The number of people claiming on their equine insurance policies in Angus and Tayside is at risk of rising due to fears that the area is being targeted by horse thieves. Fiona Stuart, coordinator with Horsewatch Scotland, told the Montrose Review that owners should be on their guard against potential thefts. The expert recommended taking irregular visits to see their animals … More

Royal Marines join effort to round up horses
Posted on by marketing

Horse insurance customers may be intrigued to learn that the Royal Marines have been drafted in to help round up more than 80 semi-feral animals in Scotland. They armed forces will work with World Horse Welfare (WHW) and the Royal School of Veterinary Studies to bring in the animals after the owner of the land they inhabit raised concerns about … More

Horse gives birth to rare twins
Posted on by marketing

One animal owner who may be taking out two equine insurance policies is Ann Stockdale of Bevington Close, whose horse Poppy recently gave birth to twins. The occurrence is extremely rare in the equine world and there is only a one in 10,000 chance that it will happen, reports the Burnley Express. Ms Stockdale commented: “Everyone was gob-smacked … They couldn’t … More

Mounted policeman gets dressage lesson with Olympic star
Posted on by marketing

Horse insurance customers may be jealous of the retirement present received by one mounted policeman from his fellow officers. Six-times Olympian Kyra Kyrklund gave PC Dave Allen a retirement to remember after his colleagues teamed up to arrange a lesson with the dressage star, reports Horse & Hound magazine. PC Allen is one of the country’s most experienced mounted officers, … More

Football-loving pony astounds staff at rescue centre
Posted on by marketing

A two-year-old miniature stallion has impressed workers at Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary with his football skills, equine insurance customers may be intrigued to learn. Jeffrey was give a ball to play with after staff decided he was “looking a bit bored” and he instantly started using his new toy, reports the Daily Mail. Manager at the centre Neil Martin commented: “He really … More

Escaped pony captured using skipping rope
Posted on by marketing

A Shetland pony that was spotted wandering around Holbeck Park Avenue was captured using a skipping rope, equine insurance customers may be intrigued to learn. Police were called out after the unattended animal was spotted in the Barrow neighbourhood, reports the North-West Evening Mail. However, a member of the public had summoned up their cowboy skills and captured the animal using … More

Economic problems ‘have led to a rise in abandoned equines in Wales’
Posted on by marketing

Horse insurance customers may be concerned to learn that one expert has claimed the tough economic climate is contributing to an increase in the number of abandoned equines in Wales. A spokeswoman from the Lluest Horse and Pony Trust in Carmarthenshire told the Western Mail that the organisation expects the numbers of ponies dumped by owners to continue to rise. … More

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