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Is it possible for a dog to be allergic to being a dog…?
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Well, in the case of Ruby a three year old black Labrador it certainly is. She suffers from a string of allergies from meat to milk and also from dust mites to grass. Her owner, Karen Stanfield has to prepare a special vegetarian meal and also ensure that her home is spotlessly clean to avoid causing any problems for Ruby. … More

Dog Falls 16 stories and survives!
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Susie who is a 4 year old crossbreed recently survived a fall from the 16th floor of a high rise apartment building in Florida. She was visiting with her 68 year old owner Elaine Caralis and on entering the apartment she got hold of a scent that led her to an open closet. Susie walked into the closet and found … More

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Are you becoming a pet hoarder?
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Pet hoarding is now considered a bonafide mental illness. The disorder is most simply defined as keeping an unusual number of pets without possessing the ability to properly house or care for them, while simultaneously denying this inability.Anyone can become a pet hoarder, but statistically, most are female, half are over age 60 and most live alone. But, do be … More

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