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Should you declaw your cat?
Posted on by marketing

One of the main problems with cat ownership can be the scratching and some owners consider having the cat de-clawed but apart from the fact this banned in the UK, it causes trauma and behavioural problems for the cat and also can leave the animal fearful and insecure. The process of declawing comes mainly from USA where it is still … More

Is this pet really missing ?
Posted on by marketing

Cardiff residents were recently confused when a picture of a missing cat appeared in a window only with the cat sat next to it. The black and white short tailed cat posed next to the picture in its owners home however it is rumored that the cat in the picture may be of its twin brother or sister. Hopefully the … More

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Cat lovers urged not to stroke their pets too much as it can cause stress
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Caressing your cat may seem a good way to show affection but it can leave your pet stressed out. Constant stroking is disliked by all felines although some put up with it, a study shows. ‘Cats who tolerate rather than enjoy or dislike being petted seem to be the most stressed,’ said Professor Daniel Mills ofLincolnUniversity. He also found that, … More

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Are you becoming a pet hoarder?
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Pet hoarding is now considered a bonafide mental illness. The disorder is most simply defined as keeping an unusual number of pets without possessing the ability to properly house or care for them, while simultaneously denying this inability.Anyone can become a pet hoarder, but statistically, most are female, half are over age 60 and most live alone. But, do be … More

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Kittens escape from Ipswich landfill site digger
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Three abandoned kittens were found at a Suffolk tip just moments before a digger got to them, but they had a lucky escape when the staff at the Foxhall landfill site in Ipswich spotted them amongst the rubbish and scooped them to safety. It was thought that the five-week-old kittens had been dumped in a household wheelie bin, it was … More

Blind arthritic cat found and reunited with owners in Aberdeen
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  The Scottish SPCA had sent an appeal for the owners of lost blind cat to come forward as the pet was found in Aberdeen bumping into things. A resident nearby spotted the white and black female in the Bridge of Don area and it is thought that the cat is aged eight and struggling with arthritis. The pet is … More

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‘Homing cat’ navigated two miles of sewer tunnels

The Young family may be among those considering looking for cheap cat insurance following the safe return of their moggy Midnight. After ten days with no sign of the feline, they were beginning to give up hope of recovering their pet, Jeanette Young told the Daily Mail. However, a neighbour heard mewing sounds from under a manhole cover near their home … More

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