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Katie Price plays paparazzi
Posted on by marketing

It seems Katie Price may be considering a career change after she was snapped playing the paparazzi at their own game. The former glamour model may want to invest in camera insurance after being seen taking pictures of photographers, who followed her on a recent night out. At the end of an evening with her boyfriend Leandro Penna, the mother-of-three wound … More

Mystery couple sought after camera found

A mystery couple might be considering claiming on their camera insurance after their device was found in toilet cubicle in Edinburgh. Retiree Irene McCubbing told the Edinburgh Evening News that she found it in a shopping centre toilet and upon looking through it discovered it contained honeymoon photos. “It’s a shame, the wedding photos they can probably get, but the honeymoon … More

Woman appeals for missing camera

A woman is probably hoping she will not have to claim on her camera insurance after appealing for the return of the missing device. Pauline Slack described in an interview with the Whitby Gazette how she accidentally left the Kodak appliance in a public toilet. The holidaymaker is thought to have forgotten to pick up the camera from the washroom facilities … More

Recycling staff appeal for lost camera owner
Posted on by marketing

Staff at a recycling plant in Warwickshire may have saved someone from claiming on their camera insurance after finding a device in a skip. The BBC reports how workers at the site at Princes Drive in Leamington Spa discovered the equipment in a bag. After sorting through piles of rubbish the HW Martin Waster employees came across the camera and put … More

Gang arrested after finding Coleen Rooney’s lost camera

Celebrity couple Coleen and Wayne Rooney may have been forced to claim on their camera insuranceafter losing their device at a concert. The pair are believed to have misplaced the photography equipment while at a Black Eyed Peas gig at the Manchester Evening News Arena. However, rather than receiving a call from the venue saying the camera had been handed in, … More

Camera insurance customers ‘should pick policies carefully’

Picking the right camera insurance can be a challenging task, one specialist has claimed, but it is important for people to take their time over the decision. Mike Powell, insight analyst at independent research organisation Defaqto, said this is particularly the case when trying to get cover for a holiday. “There are so many differentiators in a travel insurance policy and … More

Man applauded for arresting camera thief

A man may have been saved from having to claim on his camera insurance after capturing a burglar in the act. Lee Moss told the Bournemouth Echo how he apprehended Andrew Benn after hearing noises when arriving home to his flat in Southbourne. The resident is said to have “grabbed” Benn in a “bear hug” to prevent him escaping while waiting … More

Nikon announces new COOLPIX P-series models

Individuals looking for photography insurance may be interested to hear about the latest camera to be launched by Nikon. The company has announced the release of two new models of the COOLPIX P-series. Featuring backside illumination CMOS sensors, the P300 and P500 bring new capabilities to users. The additional feature is said to “enable high-speed processing capability for beautiful, blur-free images, … More

Photographer turns caravan into giant camera obscura

Hungarian photographer, Gabor Isz, has won the much coveted BMW-Paris photography prize for a photo taken using a caravan as a camera obscura. The winning picture titled ‘Permanent daylight’ is part of a series of pictures taken by Gabor Isz and was made in a caravan parked next to a cluster of agricultural greenhouses. The artist blacked out all the … More

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