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Burglar jailed for breaking into caravan
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A burglar who broke into a caravan in Bolton has been sentenced to 14 months in jail. Wayne Davenport entered the caravan, which was situated at owner Robert Edge's home, in the early hours of the morning on May 26th, the Bolton News reports. Mr Edge told how he let his dog out during the night and noticed that the door … More

Police issue caravan burglary appeal

A spate of burglaries at a Lancaster caravan park have prompted police to issue an appeal for information. Three residents of Crook O'Lune Caravan Park may have to make a claim on their caravan insurance policy after being the victims of break-ins, which all occurred between November 25th and December 6th 2012. PC Caroline Bell of Lancashire Police urged anyone … More

Burglars cost photographer livelihood
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A professional photographer has described his devastation at having his equipment stolen in a burglary. Robert Shand told the Leicester Mercury how thieves have left him without the ability to continue his job, as he does not have camera insurance to cover the cost of new equipment. The 21-year-old is now trying to raise at least £1,500 in order to … More

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Home theft claims ‘see sharp rise in 2 years’
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Camera insurance claims may have risen substantially in the last two years, as it has been suggested expensive mobile devices have caused a surge in the value of claims being put forward. The Co-operative Insurance carried out a study of 20,000 home theft cases and found the costs leapt eight per cent in 2010 and then by a further nine … More

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Appeal for return of caravan theft items

Police are appealing for help tracking down a collection of family heirlooms and war medals stolen from a static caravan in Boroughbridge. Thieves took a number of sentimental items belonging to a military veteran from the unit, which was housed at a holiday lodge park on Minskip Road, the York Press reports. The owner may have to make a claim … More

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Police searching for stolen caravan

Mobile home owners may be spurred into investing in caravan insurance after hearing how a touring vehicle has been stolen near London. Kent News reports how police are appealing for help in tracing a £3,000 caravan that was taken by thieves. The unit was removed from the driveway of a house on Margate Road in Herne Bay. Criminals made off … More

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Caravan accessories taken in break-in

Caravan insurance customers may be interested to hear about a break-in at a sales premise that led to several mobile home accessories being stolen. According to the Morpeth Herald, thieves entered the Ideal Caravan site some time between 18:00 GMT on Monday (January 16th) and 08:00 GMT the following morning. A number of mobile homes stationed at the Clifton store … More

Cameras ‘a target for thieves this Christmas’

Investing in camera insurance may be a wise idea this festive season as a security expert has warned such devices will be high up on burglars' lists. Former burglar Michael Fraser told Confused.com how cameras will be on the top ten most popular items to steal this Christmas. This is due to the devices being easy to move and sell … More