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Birds in Japan showing strange mutation
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There is research coming from the Yamashina Institute for Ornithology in Japan that after the earthquake and tsunami of 2011 where three nuclear power reactors were heavily damaged, there are changes in the local birds however it cannot be determined if this is a direct result of the radiation from the plant. Data is collected from a river close to … More

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The 4-winged predecessors of our feathered friends

Researchers in China have discovered interesting evidence that the first birds actually had 4 wings instead of just 2. This meant that birds used to soar through the skies more like a plane than a bird. The research team learnt that the extra pair of wings gave the birds an extra boost which helped them fly quicker. Bird skeletons found … More

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Fancy pigeons found in Edinburgh
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The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has taken in eight fancy pigeons after being alerted to their presence in Holyrood Park. Those with bird insurance may have a similar creature bred to emphasise certain characteristics – such as a large tail or frilled chest – but which sometimes has difficulty flying as a result. According to … More

Missing parrot returns after two months

The owners of a missing parrot are said to be delighted that the bird has been recovered safe and well after being missing for two months. In news that may encourage people to take out pet insurance, the Bluefronted Amazon – named Jack – disappeared from Jerry and Irene Williams’ back garden in Prenton last year. The parrot showed up outside … More

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Pet cockatoo alerts family to dangerous smoke

Pet insurance customers may be interested to hear the story of one clever bird from Gwinnett County in the US. A cockatoo raised the alarm when its owners’ home started filling with smoke from a fire early one morning, WJHG.com reports. The animal squawked the words “incoming, incoming” over and over again as the harmful gas started seeping in through … More

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Custody battle over Coco, the African grey

Coco is a well known and much loved African grey living at Pets Corner in Harlow, Essex. He is an important part of the council run establishment, one of the family as the bird imitates staff and animals and can speak Italian and sing ‘O Sole Mio’. Coco was bought from a pet shop by Mr Ferlazzo in 1984 who … More

Prize budgies killed to sabotage Cornwall Budgerigar Show

Andrew Pooley, 58, from Delabole in Cornwall has been breeding budgies most of his life and felt devastated when he discovered that three of his prized birds were stamped to death and another 21 were stolen on 20th August. One of the killed birds was Penmead Pride, Mr Pooley’s budgie that was crowned show champion in 2009. ‘I was devastated. … More

Wader numbers increase in Northern Ireland

According to the RSPB Northern Ireland, the number of the wading birds has increased this year on Lower Lough Erne in Fermanagh. Populations grew due to the dedicated conservation work in the area. The numbers of Lapwing, Redshank, Common Snipe and Curlew grew according to a survey of this year’s breeding season and even the rare Dunlin attempted to breed … More

A birdie hit on the eighth makes a full recovery

A kestrel who was left with a server headache after being struck by a golf ball has got a swing back into its step. The kestrel was hovering 50ft above the eighth hole at Worthing Golf Club in Sussex when the accident happened. The bird was sent tumbling to the ground and worried onlookers feared the worst. Astonishingly the bird … More