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Students! Protect Your Valuables This Christmas!

Student areas are commonly targeted over the winter period because thieves know that many return home to be with their families. If you’re going home for Christmas, make sure your valuables are kept safe by following these top tips.

Pretend you’re still there

If thieves think you’re still at your student house, the chances of them trying to break in are slim. Plug a lamp into an electrical timer and you can set it to come on for a few hours in the evening, making it seem like your property is still occupied.

Ensure everything is locked

It might sound obvious, but you need to make sure all doors and windows are securely locked before you leave. Any keys for windows or doors should also be kept out of view. If your bedroom door has a separate lock on it make sure you use it.

Neighbourhood watch

If you introduced yourself to your neighbours when you moved in and have managed to stay somewhat respectable, you might feel comfortable telling them you’re going home for Christmas. They’ll be able to keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviour and may be able to inform you straight away if anything does happen.

Take your most valuable possessions home

Few students will consider leaving behind their laptops or tablets anyway, but it’s worth saying that valuables should be taken home with you if possible. If you can’t take your valuables back – a desktop computer for example – you may want to consider whether you can at least store it away.

Prepare for the worst

Unfortunately, sometimes criminals will find a way in, however you try to stop them. Student contents insurance will ensure that if this should happen, your possessions are protected. It’s important to get special student insurance because some other types of policy don’t cover you if you’re absent from your property for an extended period of time, such as the summer holidays.

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