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Student outcry as grants are frozen but tuition fees are on the rise

In 2010/2011 maintenance grants for students will be frozen at £2,906 despite tuition fees rising by 2.04% to

£3,290. The government revealed this astonishing fact yesterday as ministers stated that ‘difficult economic times’ has forced them to come to this conclusion.

As a consequence of fees rising, there has been a decline in the proportion of middle-class students at university amid fears that many feel a degree is no longer worth the cost. Yet it has been revealed that loans will rise accordingly to cover these increased tuition fees but there is going to be no increase in loans available to meet accommodation and general living costs.

This is the first freeze since the system was introduced five years ago. In Gordon Brown’s first week as Prime Minister he claimed that all students that received a maintenance allowance at school, would be also guaranteed a university grant. However, due to the economic downturn, The Government have now turned their back on this initiative and now will not guarantee the grant. Going forward the grant will be means tested, potentially leading to support being cut for many poor students. This obviously is leaving many new students very worried about their financial situation.

Students are now having to be more financially savvy and need to protect themselves and their family from the expenditure that university life brings.

Insurance companies like E&L are there to support students should the worse happen financially. Seeing as though there are going to be tough times ahead, there is no better time than now to take out student insurance. It is worthwhile considering that not all student belongings are covered by their parent’s home insurance. This is often not the case and a separate policy is needed.

E&L student insurance offers low cost, comprehensive cover whether you live in halls of residence, a house or flat. Students can be covered from as little as £1.44 a month!

E&L offer up to £8,000 personal possession cover, cover for missed exams and reimbursement of university fees and rent should the student become injured and unable to attend university, exams or work in order to maintain upkeep of rent etc.

Student Insurance is crucial at a time when many students are going to be struggling financially at the best of times, never mind if they are injured and can’t benefit from tuition or are unable to work to help pay living costs. The insurance importantly also covers students in their accommodation and whilst on holidays, for their personal items such as clothing and laptops in the event of theft. Students are a prime market for thieves as they often live in accommodation suitable for numerous students all owning a laptop, ipod, not to mention the huge clothing collection. Taking out student insurance with E&L will cover for such eventualities.

Visit E&L student insurance www.eandl.co.uk/student to get instant cover today!

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1196832/Blow-students-recession-forces-fee-increase-loan-freeze.html

2nd July 2009 – Student grants frozen but tuition fees rise: A ‘kick in the teeth’ for university applicants

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