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Smart Collar for your pet

If you are one of those people who love to buy the latest gadget and you happen to have a cat or a dog, you will love the latest piece of animal tech from the USA.

It’s called the PetPace collar and it provides real time monitoring of your pets health and activity using your smart phone.

There are sensors built into the collar which monitor the pet’s temperature, pulse, respiration, activity and position. If any deviation is registered from the norm, the unit can make you aware of the problem by texting you.

The benefits of the collar are obvious and the information can be passed to your vet. This system will keep you aware of exactly how your pet is feeling. The collar comes in a variety of sizes and will fit anything from a small cat up to a great dane.

Currently the PetPace collar is only available in the USA however it should be available in the UK by early next year.

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