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Slough introduces stricter dog control policies

Complaints about dog mess in Slough have led Slough Borough Council to introduce fines for those who fail to control their animal.

Dog insurance customers in the area who fail to keep an eye on their pooches could find they face an £80 fine, reports BBC News.

Dympna Molloy, head of neighbourhood enforcement, commented: “There is still a minority of dog owners who do not have proper control over their dogs and do not pick up after them.”

People who try to walk more than six animals at a time or who do not have their creatures on a lead in shopping or residential areas could also be given a penalty notice.

According to a spokeswoman for the council, there is an increasing number of “status dogs” in the area and these can be intimidating for those who live there.

This comes after animal psychologist Dr Roger Mugford told the Daily Mail that professional dog walkers should not take out more than four animals at a time.

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