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Skipper rescued after boat sinks of Aberdeen coast

Boat owners may be encouraged to take out marine insurance after hearing how one man had to be rescued from his sinking vessel.

A rescue helicopter deployed by RAF Lossiemouth and a lifeboat were sent to the scene after a distress call was made.

The fisherman was aboard his vessel, the Silver Rock when it began to sink of the Moray coast.

Despite the Aberdeen Coastguard sending out the rescue team, the skipper was saved after managing to get into a life raft.

He was then picked up by another boat that was travelling in the area.

The mayday call was received at 08:00 GMT yesterday (February 24th) and the boat later went on to sink to the floor of the seabed.

Three fishermen in Australia recently hit the headlines after surviving 20 hours in open water off the coast of Victoria when their ship was destroyed in bad weather.

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