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Shetland pony rescued by fire crew

Owners of equines in Reading might consider taking out pony insurance in light of an incident that saw one animal need rescuing by fire fighters.

The Shetland pony could not extricate itself from the River Lodden in Lower Earley and it took a six-man crew to drag it to safety, reports the Reading Chronicle.

According to the news provider, the creature was submerged up to its thighs and staff from the Wokingham Road fire station had to attach straps to lift it free.

Doug Buchanan, watch manager, commented: “A vet checked the pony it over but it seemed quite calm.”

It is believed the animal got into trouble after it broke through a fence and strayed into some sinking mud.

This comes after the Boston Globe reported that firemen from Andover Fire Department worked to rescue a 25-year-old horse called Willie who slipped on ice in his paddock and was unable to get up.

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