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Shetland pony brought to visit bedridden animal lover

A Shetland pony was among the animals brought to visit residents at a care home in Surrey, pony insurance customers might be interested to hear.

The nine-year-old animal, whose name is Pip, was part of a menagerie that also included a Kunekune pig and a flock of geese, reports ThisIsSurreyToday.co.uk.

Despite causing a small degree of mayhem at Nuffield Care Centre, Pip was one of the star attractions of the show.

Steph Orrell, of Miller’s Ark travelling zoo, commented: “You wouldn’t believe the looks of disbelief as we do this. It doesn’t seem quite right when the lift doors open and a horse steps out.”

The popularity of Pip was highlighted by Heather Collis, home manager, who noted that one female animal lover who was visited by him was “totally bedridden”.

Those who are considering getting a Shetland pony might think about investing in equine insurance to help meet any vet bills incurred due to ailments or injury.

Shetland ponies can be found in a variety of different colours, including skewbald, piebald, palomino, chestnut and silver dapple.

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