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Senior dogs benefit from Reiki?

A Reiki master from Shropshire has suggested that canines can benefit from the treatment as a way to supplement traditional methods of treating illnesses.

Rob Fellows, founder of Reiki 4 dogs, cited his Springer spaniel Joe as one animal that reaped the rewards of this form of therapy.

Those with senior dog insurance might be interested to try Reiki for their pooches in light of Mr Fellows’ assertion that his pet’s mobility increased noticeably after a course of treatment.

“Once I’d been attuned to Reiki I was able to give Joe regular Reiki sessions and this eased his mobility until he passed,” he commented.

The expert noted that while animals can benefit from the therapy, sick or injured creatures should still be taken for veterinary treatment.

Those concerned about vet bills might consider taking out dog insurance to help them cover the cost of paying medical expenses.

According to ReikiCare.co.uk, the alternative therapy can assist with the healing process and speed up the recovery of pets.

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