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Scientists find out why pet cat insurance is vital

When the cat’s away the mice will play – or so goes the famous saying. But when the cat really is away, what on Earth is it getting up to.

This was the question puzzling researchers at the University of Illinois – who wanted to find out how much use the city’s itchy-footed cats were getting out of their pet insurance policies.

The scientists tagged 42 free-roaming cats – some of whom had no owners to speak of – to find out exactly where they go when they’re not being stroked and groomed.

And it seems that cats cover a fair distance when they are out on the prowl.

Jeff Horn, an ex-graduate student in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences at the university, said that some pet cat insurance holders were “very surprised” to hear that their feline friends had territories covering thousands of acres.

“That’s a lot of backyards,” he added.

Recently, pet insurance cover holders were urged by vet Gaynor Dudley to get their pets microchipped so that they have a better chance of being reunited with their beloved animals, reports the Bedfordshire News.

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