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Saddlery theft is on the rise

A recent survey based on equine insurance claim history revealed that saddlery and tack theft is on the rise. In rural parts of England, tack is ninth on the top 10 list of items likely to be stolen in the countryside with number one being quad bikes. 70 % of insurance companies and agents say that this type of crime is on the rise, horse thefts, however, decreased. Most horses are micro chipped, freeze marked or branded and passported which makes them more traceable. Years ago, opportunist theft was more common, but thieves are now targeting ‘bigger fish’ and plan to clear out livery yards and businesses. Therefore, it is important to check second hand saddles and tack that you intend to purchase and make sure you find out where it has come from. This can be difficult if you are planning to buy tack at car boot sales or at online auctions (and many people warn against this) as it can be hard to determine where the equipment has come from or see any markings.

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