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RSPCA: Tired horses ‘should not be forced to finish Grand National’

The RSPCA has issued a statement urging riders in the upcoming Grand National not to push their steeds too hard as it could result in injuries.

Riders who overwork tired animals could find the owners have to claim on their race horse insurancepolicy if they push the creatures too far.

Indeed, there may even be fatalities among the horses competing in the event, the charity warned.

Last year, there were three deaths on the second day of the races, with Plaisir d’Estruval, Prudent Honour and Schindlers Hunt all dying in the competition.

To avoid a claim on horse insurance, equine consultant for the RSPCA David Muir said jockeys should only use the whip within the rules of the event.

“They should not force tired horses to continue to race just for the sake of finishing the course as this greatly increases the risk of serious injury to both horse and rider,” he added.

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