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RSPCA rehomes over 64k animals in 2010

The RSPCA has announced that it helped to rehome 64,086 animals in 2010, pet insurance customers may be impressed to learn.

As part of RSPCA Week, which runs from May 2nd to 8th, the organisation published figures showing the work done to help the UK’s animal population last year.

A total of £4 million was spent on veterinary care and more than 1.1 million phone calls were received by the organisation’s advice team.

While the charity’s work with domestic animals is impressive, those with insurance for pets may be pleased to learn that the UK’s wildlife also received assistance from the RSPCA.

David Bowles, director of communications at the organisation, commented: “In addition to our work with companion animals, we have a strong record in rehabilitating sick and injured wild animals and birds.”

In 2010 the body admitted 16,429 wildlife casualties into its four centres dedicated to these creatures.

Despite this, last month the charity urged people in the UK to “think twice” before bringing young wild animals in, as some could have been left by their parents, who are often still close by.

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