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RSPCA are Forced to Turn Away Strays

The RSCPA has made the decison to turn away tens of thousands of unwanted pets next month from across its UK centres due to financial cutbacks.

The charity said that it would focus more on caring for animals seized from owners after being cruelly treated. The decision could affect up to 75,000 cats and dogs are taken to the centre every year.

Yesterday the RSPCA defended its new rules, which will be introduced at 17 national centres in England and Wales, and said it wanted to make owners take more responsibility for their pets.

From next month, pets belonging to people taken to hospital, evicted from homes or who are unable to cope with them will not be allowed to be left at the RSPCA centres.

An RSCPA spokesperson said, “Our highest priority it to look after animals that most need our help, the pets and other animals rescued by our inspectors from cruelty and neglect.”

The British Veterinary Association said it understood that the RSPCA’s resources were not limitless. A spokesperson said, “We must look at the cause of the increasing number of unwanted dogs, cats and exotic animals. The recession perhaps has had some impact but there is a growing trend for people to buy animals as status symbols and indeed it is all too easy to take on a pet without realising the responsibilities for the care and welfare of that animal.”

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Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1267577/RSPCA-says-We-havent-got-cash-strays.html

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