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Angling insurance customers may sympathise with one man who landed a large catch only to find out it may have been a record-breaker after he had eaten it.

Kurt Price reeled in a sea bass that is thought to have weighed more than 20lb, which would have beaten the current record for the biggest shore-caught creature.

However, the 25-year-old was only informed of his potential prize catch after experts who saw a photograph of the beast claimed it looked far larger than the record holder.

After hooking the sea bass, Mr Price failed to weigh the fish at the time and instead ate it at the caravan where he was staying with his friend Kevin Lowcher.

The angler caught the creature during a weekend trip to Tenby in south-west Wales and coated it with thyme, coriander and lemon before serving it with potatoes and vegetables.

Elsewhere, a mutant three-eyed fish is said to have been caught in a lake in Argentina that locals have repeatedly claimed is infected with nuclear waste.


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