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Ricky Tomlinson has caravan stolen

Former Royle Family star Ricky Tomlinson has launched an appeal for help locating his missing mobile home.

The actor had his 27ft-long Hobby 635 stolen from a site in the village of Farndon in Cheshire.

"I can't believe it happened. It must have been a well-organised gang of thieves because it is a big, six-berth caravan, which was not even on wheels," the 72-year-old stated.

Tomlinson may be hoping he does not have to make a claim on his caravan insurance and instead is reunited with the £12,000 unit.

It is thought the thieves must have used a large vehicle to transport the mobile home as it could not have been towed.

Tomlinson explained how he only recently purchased the van and used it as a place to study wildlife.

As well as The Royle Family, the TV star has appeared in Brookside and the film Mike Bassett: England Manager.

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