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Rescued ponies from Caerphilly ‘are recovering well’

A drove of 21 ponies rescued from a farm in Caerphilly are said to be recovering well, horse insurancecustomers might be relieved to learn.

The animals were taken from their owner after an inspection by vets revealed that they were in a poor state of health, reports BBC News.

Nicolas de Brauwere, head of welfare and senior vet at Redwings Horse Sanctuary in Norfolk, said removing the animals was “in their best interest”.

“I am delighted to say that they are gathering strength already and we are optimistic that they will make a full recovery,” he commented.

Of the 21 ponies signed over, 15 went to Redwings, while the rest went to Bristol charity Horseworld.

Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, owners of creatures are required to provide somewhere suitable for them to live, a proper diet, suitable company or separation from other animals if necessary and the ability to express normal behaviour.

They also need to protect or treat them from injury and illness, something that equine insurance could be useful for.

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