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Reduce the risk of your bicycle being stolen

Runnymede has been hit by a lot of bicycle thefts in recent months and so five surgeries have been held in Chertsey to help cyclists know how to deter thieves and reduce the risk that they will be targeted.

PC Dave Stockle held the surgeries in River Bourne Health Club in Heriot Road said “a lot of people are not aware that their bikes have a unique frame number, which can be used to reunite the owner with their bike once it has been recovered by police. We were also telling people about the virtues of a decent lock. A lock that costs £5 is not going to be as effective as one that costs £30.”

Only 15% of stolen bikes have been reunited with their owners – largely this is due to owners not being able to give enough details on their bikes to identify them.

Follow these hints and tips to reduce the chance of your bike being stolen:

1. Write down your bike’s frame number
2. Take a picture of your bike from both sides – this will help you to identify your bike
3. Mark the bike with an ultraviolet pen – put your name or postcode on it
4. Use a lock on the bike at all times – use a good quality D-Lock
5. Lock your bike to an object that is immovable – i.e. a lamppost or gate post
6. If possible keep your bike indoors – either in the house or in the garage
7. When locked remove the bike seat and wheels if possible – this is a big deterrent for thieves
8. Take out insurance to protect you financially. Visit www.eandl.co.uk/cycle for more information.

If your bike is stolen follow these tips to try and ensure the safe return of the bike:

1. Contact the police and give them the bike’s frame number, the picture you took and the identification mark you put on it with your ultra violet pen
2. Distribute the picture of your bike to second hand shops so that they can also be on the look out for your bike
3. Offer a no questions asked reward to information leading to finding your bike

Bicycle insurance will not stop thieves from stealing your bike but may help you financially if the situation arises. E&L offer comprehensive cycle insurance policies for you. Visit www.eandl.co.uk/cycle for more information or for an instant quotation.


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