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Rare Eriskay pony born in Aberdeen

A breeder in Aberdeen might be in need of pony insurance following the birth of a rare Eriskay foal at a farm.

Graham Lennox, the owner of the newborn creature, is said to be particularly happy with the event, reports the Evening Express.

The youngster, who was born at Doonies Farm in Cove, has been given the name of Alice.

According to the publication, the reason for the owner’s delight at the birth is that the Eriskay pony is on the list of critically endangered horses and ponies.

With such a rare beast in his possession, Mr Lennox may be considering taking out equine insurance to help meet any vet bills incurred by the valuable creature.

Eriskay ponies are usually born brown or black, but they tend to turn grey when they start to mature.

According to the Eriskay Pony Society, they are “active, honest and workmanlike with excellent temperament”.

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