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Protect Your Engagement Ring with Some Invaluable Insurance

Protect Your Engagement Ring with Some Invaluable Insurance

Having anticipated the perfect proposal the last thing you want playing on your mind is having to worry about the location of your engagement ring.

On realising its misplacement, a whole range of emotions and questions may cross your mind. However, the most tormenting question may be whether you were sensible enough to take out ring insurance to prevent something like this occurring.

When choosing a ring for your loved one, the last thing to cross your mind is the possibility that you might lose it. But it happens more often than people think. Try to avoid yourself becoming a victim to ring theft or loss and safeguard against such eventualities by taking out engagement ring insurance.

Engagement rings insurance protects against loss, damage or theft and the good news is some home insurance policies cover it. However, make sure your policy provides international cover, and usually if your ring is over £5,000 you’ll need to provide a valuation. Don’t let anything ruin your precious proposal moment.

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