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Tips to prevent bicycle theft

Bicycle thefts are unfortunately high in the UK but by taking some simple precautions you can heavily reduce your chance of falling victim to these crimes.

As a Nation we are encouraged to leave our cars at home and ride our bikes to work or walk to the shops instead. Not only is this fantastic exercise for our obesity-prone country but it is also beneficial to the environment. Bike sales are increasing and bicycle security is therefore a big issue. The British Crime Survey for 2005/2006 reported 439,000 bikes were stolen in the UK. Follow the tips below for bicycle theft prevention:

(1) Register the bike model, make and frame number. If your bike was then stolen, police would be more likely to locate it (2) Security mark the bicycle in at least two places (one in a more discreet place that is not obvious to thieves). Place a sticker label advertising the security tagging system. (3) Take out bicycle insurance in order to cover you and your bicycle financially. E&L Insurance offer low cost comprehensive cover for your bicycle and accessories. Visit www.eandl.co.uk/cycle to take out instant cover now!

Securing your bike at home:

(1) Store your bike in a locked shed or garage, completely out of sight to potential thieves (2) Lock your bike to a secure heavy object for increased security e.g. heavy gate concreted into the ground (3) Keep the bike out of view of any windows, glass doors etc

Securing your bike outside the home:

(1) Always use a bike lock when you are leaving your bike unattended even if this is just for a couple of minutes. It is worth investing in a good bike lock even though this may be more expensive than you had originally thought (2) Place your bike in a well-lit area (3) The best place to keep your bicycle is either in a specialist bike park or locked to a heavy duty fixed item e.g. a lamppost or steel railings (4) Remove any small easily accessible accessories such as a saddle, pedals or cycle computers etc and take them with you

Log onto www.eandl.co.uk/cycle today to take out instant bicycle insurance. If you prefer you can call our dedicated quotations department on 03300 243 254.

Source:www.suite101.com – Theft Prevention Tips for Bicycle Owners December 2008

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